Answering Questions about Hillsborough School Tax- Tampa Bay Times

Hillsborough voters take note that Hillsborough County’s Referendum No. 3 to strengthen Hillsborough County Public Schools is at the end of the ballot. The referendum would generate approximately $131 million per year that would be spent on specific projects to improve public schools. The article below answers reasonable questions as to why you should vote in favor of Hillsborough Referendum No. 3.

The Hillsborough County school tax on the Nov. 6 ballot is a smart, necessary investment in the nation’s eighth-largest school system. The 10-year, half-penny sales tax would create stronger, safer schools and a healthier learning environment for more than 215,000 children. Yet wavering voters are struggling with reasonable questions.

Why should voters without children in the school system pay more? Why should local taxpayers get state lawmakers off the hook for repairs that should be funded from Tallahassee? Can the school system be trusted? These are relevant concerns influencing the decision for many voters. Here are some answers.

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