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With election day rapidly approaching, it is important to be educated about the different subject matters that will appear on your ballot. Referendum No. 3 located at the bottom of the ballot will help provide optimal learning and working conditions for students and teachers in the Hillsborough County Public School system. This article provides information about why voting in favor of Hillsborough Referendum No. 3 is a lasting investment for our community.

Voters going to the polls in Hillsborough County between now and November 6 face the opportunity to vote yay or nay on a referendum calling for a half-cent sales tax increase to benefit public school education. The referendum, No. 3, can be found at the bottom of the two-page ballot.

The increased sales tax would generate about $1.3 billion over 10 years, with at least $500,000 invested in each of the district’s 230 schools. A typical family would pay $63 a year, with a portion paid by tourists and other visitors making purchases.

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